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Logistic Solutions for the energy Industry

Tayrona Offshore is a company fully dedicated to the field of Offshore Support, Project Logistics & Heavy Transport. Specialized in large scale turnkey industrial projects (A ONE STOP SHOP) with all our services supported by own Infrastructure and in association with Colombia's most recognized business groups in the industry.

Alliances & Partnerships

Coremar Group was founded in the caribbean coast of colombia in 1958 as a maritime and portuary business. With an avant-garde vision, Coremar Group has taken the lead in supplying logistical support within Latin-American countries, through its five main divisions: Harbour Tugs, Offshore Vessels, Maritime Transportation, Fuel Distribution and port & terminals.
Palermo Port Society is a new multipurpose terminal located in the northern coast of Colombia on the east bank of Magdalena's river. First phase of port construction started in 2007 and in July of 2010 the port had 308 mtrs of berth. Through its geographical location has become a highly competitive option for the Colombian foreign trade market with a wide range of quality services and competitive prices in which are found : maritime and fluvial services, port services, maritime and ground operations, and logistics center for trucks.

Free Trade Zone Palermo, that near Palermo Port Society and Industrial projects, will form the most important energy services cluster of Colombia, and a multimodal platform. At Free Trade Zone Palermo will be available urbanized areas for rent or sale, as well as warehouses, all with public services provided, so any company can develop its own infrastructure.

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